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Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas played the piano at the age of three and began an early career giving recitals and her first performance of a piano concerto at the age of nine.
As a child she attracted the attention of Yvonne Lefébure, great international pianist and teacher, and was admitted to her class at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris when she was thirteen. There, she attended also the classes of  Yvonne Loriod and worked with the Germaine Mounier.
Since her Conservatory diploma at the age of 18, Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas had a double career between piano recitals, chamber music on one hand,  as a permanent teacher on the other hand in different Regional Conservatories of Music in France and, for 18 years now, at the Superior Conservatory of music of Paris.
Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas already published by Les Editions de la Cité de la musique Mémoire d'empreintes - Piano pedagogy. This volume, for the time being out of print, has been reprinted a significant number of times and also translated in russian. It is still a reference for a vast number of teachers and pianists. Today, Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas publishes with the Editions Symétrie the second volume of Mémoire d'empreintes - Listening to both hands. Essay on global unification of hands, this second volume should go with every musician on the road of his own freedom of interpretation.
Among her many activities, Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas is invited to give master-classes in academies in France (Rencontres internationales de Nancy, Académie de Flaine, Académie György Sebok) and abroad (Poland, Shanghaï, Bielorussia, Italy, Brazil) and to teach in Centers for the training of professional musicians as well in France. She belongs to many examination boards in France, is regularly invited to the Conservatoire de La Villette and, takes a great part in recruiting the new generation of piano teachers.
As a pedagogue, Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas is the author of  piano methods for beginners as well as for already paino players, greatly used in french piano teaching : "Piano adultes, apprendre ou recommencer", "Piano junior", published by the Editions Billaudot.
Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas is now the general editor of music scores for piano published by the well-known "Editions musicales Billaudot". In that collection, she has herself edited an original work on the score of the Beethoven's "32 variations".
Somehow, Brigitte Bouthinon-Dumas brought further the "french touch" in piano practise, basing her teaching as well as her proper practise on the sound. "Listening to sound guides the hand" does she say.

A different approach on piano

Should you be an amateur or a professional pianist, there are 3 essential priorities which define a global attitude when playing piano.
- Listening is not enough, the pianist must be aware of what he/she hears.
- You must read the score with you ear because it will lead your hand.
- No limpness, no tension but a constant search for finger stability.

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